The Aviation Strategy & Concepts Team brings together the proven experience and skills of change managers. They have been involved at the heart of change in the European aviation industry, and had impact on the regulatory approach to aviation.


Aviation Strategy & Concepts has 4 staff members, and an established co-operation with selected partner



The Manager Admin and Publications assumes back office administrative functions, and is responsible for the update of information channels

The Manager Political Affairs informs about latest developments in key regulatory areas, participates in aviation-related conferences, advises individual officials of EU institutions and analyses political and socio-economic trends

The General Manager Public Affairs provides for a constantly updated overview of events and contacts for ASC; these are events of interest for clients, because they facilitate an understanding of the consequences of EU policy on costs, but also opportunities for airlines and airports.  The GM is the focal point of contact for all incoming queries.

The Managing Director represents Aviation Strategy & Concepts at events, political discussions and conferences


Lexmind provides for further depth in legal analyses of the rulings of the European Court of Justice, and decisions of diverse services of the EU Commission and non-EU institutions.


Further co-operation has been established with international consulting companies on selected projects.

meet our team

Youssef Abdellaoui

Assistant Management & Administration

Youssef Abdellaoui, data support expert who ensures that our clients are kept updated on major events and developments.


We provide

  • Information on the latest developments of relevance.


    Presence in the “corridors of the EU Commission”; participation at events and conferences; and review, analysis and prioritisation of news.

  • Develop strategies for clients individually.


    Market analysis; research; trend analyses; SWOT analyses of clients.

  • Networking. Based upon the personal experience, integrity of its approach, Aviation Strategy & Concepts has established discrete and dedicated personal relationships with airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, industry representatives, and officials of EU institutions and national governments in Europe.

  • Because Aviation Strategy & Concepts understands the internal logic of the private and public  sector in aviation, we have established a track record of helping the private sector improve efficiency, facilitating the task of the public sector to “think European” and  build bridges between the public and private sector. 



Private Sector

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Public Sector

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26-28/10/2016 Global Alliances, Partnerships & Promiscuity

Moderator: Aviation Strategy & Concepts, Managing Director, Ulrich-Schulte-Strathaus



20/06/2016 CS300 Launch Operator airBaltic Ramps-Up Pilot Training

23/02/2016 Aviation Strategy EU


For several months, ASC was involved with policy and decision makers within the EU institutions to discuss aspects which we consider to be important for a new meaningful EU aviation strategy.

In discussions with the European Economic and Social Affairs Committee, the EU Think Tank EPSC and senior officials of the European Commission, we suggested that the new approach should be holistic and address issues of importance to the entire aviation network; it should be geared to enabling access and fair competition in growth markets particularly in Asia; and it should address deficiencies within Europe which negatively impact the competitiveness of European aviation.

On 7th December the European Commission presented its new Aviation Strategy. It provides orientation and determines the priorities which will drive its future aviation policy. It is a highly comprehensive and compelling document. We surge our clients and interested readers to review its content by clicking the link


02/11/2015 Bloomberg (Middle East)

Turbulent Times: The Gulf's Big Three Airlines vs. Their US Counterparts


07-08/10/2015 CAPA World Aviation Summit (Helsinki)

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